Immigration and Visa services – United states

Bay Area Immigration Services has been providing assistance to the Corporate Sector in their immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions for more than 10 years now.We have clients all over the United States, some of these clients being Public Limited Companies.Over the years, Bay Area Immigration has earned expertise in the Work Visa. This Visa ranges from H1B visa, L1A, L1B, O1, J1, TN, and E3 visa. We mainly deal with clients from IT and Health Care fields. Besides work visas and green cards, BAIS also files applications for various non-immigrant visas such as E-1, E-2 (visas for treaty traders), B-1, B-2 (business visa), C-1, C-2 (transit visa), and K-1 (fiancé visa) to name a few.

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